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Blue Skies and Yellow Fields

FREE Emergency help for war refugees

Many war refugees from Ukraine are expected to arrive to Norway in the coming weeks. Their living expenses and health needs will be covered by the Norwegian government, but these logistics normally take time to arrange and implement.

Dental care will be among the services eventually provided to the refugees. However, after the traumatic and sudden experience of fleeing their home country, some of the newcomers may need emergency dental treatment right away.

As a gesture of solidarity during this humanitarian crisis, we at TannlegeBislett have decided to offer free emergency dental treatment to Ukrainian refugees in Oslo.

We perform  full endodontic treatments (root canal therapy) at our office, but unfortunately we are unable to offer this service for free right now. The cost of the relevant materials and equipment is too substantial in Norway. We hope to acquire private or public sponsorship for such treatments in the future, allowing us to preserve teeth that can be saved., especially in younger people

Dental care we offer free of charge:

a) Temporary filling of damaged teeth without compromising the nerves
b) Surgical and non-surgical removal of decayed teeth or roots
c) Abscess draining
d) Partial nerve removal (pulpotomy) of aching teeth that can be preserved. Once saved, these teeth can be fully treated in the future through the public or private dental services.

Services not included in this offer:

a) Cosmetic treatments
b) Conservative treatment with plastic/composite
c) Prosthetics: crowns, bridges, removable devices, or implants
d) Gum treatment, unless it is surgically necessary

1)  The patient must be a citizen of Ukraine who has applied for protection in Norway from February 2022, with        documentation available to confirm this status;
2)  All appointments are subject to the current availability of time-slots at the clinic. 

The identity of our patients, along with the services we provide, are protected and will not be disclosed.
Every patient’s electronic journal, including x-rays, is registered in our database. It can be made available for further follow-up upon request.
Our voluntary, non-profit offer has been authorized by the Ukrainian Embassy in Norway.
Tel:      +47 22 83 55 60
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